David and our buffs

An Inspiring story to tell,

The day that I met David he was wearing an aeroplane face mask, I immediately made the connection that David is part of our Happy Hands family, because my youngest, sleeps, dreams and eats aeroplanes.

I had to drive all the way to Sunnyside, with no fear in my mind and knew that this was meant to be! I told David to please meet me by my car as I did not really feel comfortable to walk in the streets nevermind to the 4th level of flats.


He walked towards me with the most friendliest face, I could see his smile through his aeroplane facemask. I gave him a sample and asked him to please make me a similar one with a few adjustments.

I was looking forward to this day for over 4 weeks of back and forth trying to get all the sizes and measurements correct! I can say with so much proudness inside me, David, you are truly an amazing human being and I wish that Happy Hands can help you grow you business so that one day you can be your own boss with so many people working for you.

You are definitely a true Entrepreneur!!